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Our services and our SOLUTIONS use the approach that is ISO27001 compliant. Each part of the infrastructure created or managed by us, both on premise and in the cloud, is implemented to be ISO27001 compliant.

History and experience

Master Data was founded in 2014 by a group of managers with many years of experience, highly qualified in the field of corporate marketing and CRM support services in close collaboration with CD, a leading company in the sector in Italy.

Thanks to the contribution of a very strong Data Management division, it has dedicated itself from the beginning to offering services of data cleansing, data management and creation of 'tailor made' DataBases to its customers, market leaders in the automotive and publishing.

Master Data is also active in the IT services and corporate network management.

Quality approach

The primary objective that Master Data has set itself, in all the sectors in which it operates, is to satisfy the real needs of the customer. For this reason we use a flexible approach that we like to define as 'tailored', looking for the best solutions together with our customers to meet their needs.

We believe that a high quality standard in data collection and normalization is the most efficient way to guarantee a quality result, both as regards the correct historicization of data and as regards their effective use. Starting from a database with high quality standards, a wide range of activities can be performed efficiently and safely.

We use the same approach, which has quality and attention to the needs of our customers as its leitmotif, in packaging the best solutions and proposing the most reliable products for the creation of corporate networks and in the provision of IT services, from simple antispam to dedicated firewall, intrusion detection, or data logging services.


ISO 9001

Master Data has established a Quality System compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 and has set itself the following objectives:

  • Operate in compliance with current regulations and laws
  • Satisfy the needs of its customers by implementing a constant commitment to achieve, maintain and improve the quality level of products and services
  • To ensure its customers and suppliers an optimal service in relation to the contractual conditions signed
  • Maintain and improve company competitiveness to guarantee and increase market shares

ISO 27001 objective

We provide advice to obtain or approach the ISO 27001 standards, also in compliance with the directives relating to COVID.
To protect their information, thousands of organizations around the world implement an information security management system (ISMS, also known as ISMS) that complies with the international standard ISO 27001.

The ISO 27001 guidelines improve information security and allow you to:

  • Save money by avoiding penalties or financial losses due to data breaches
  • Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements, such as those required by the GDPR
  • Expand the business and participate in tenders that require ISO 27010 certification as a prerequisite for access
  • Protect your reputation, as certification demonstrates that you have implemented international information security best practices

Master Data Sagl develops CRM systems customized on customer needs

Twenty years of experience in the data management sector allows Master Data to accompany its customers in identifying the objectives, and the best ways to pursue them.
DataHub is the CRM management system developed by Master Data and was originally created to meet the needs of its largest customer operating in the automotive sector.

DataHub - Main Features

The management model implemented in DataHub, compared to similar products on the market, allows to reach a level of accuracy in the recognition of personal data close to 100%, and allows to query the database in a simple, fast and integrated way. Achieving this result is possible both thanks to procedures and algorithms but also thanks to the contribution of specialized operators who intervene in cases where manual intervention is required. These aspects are particularly relevant when it comes to managing interactions and communications with third parties, where privacy and compliance with the GDPR regulations must be taken into account.

DataHub - Data Mining and Data Analysis

Selection of target names for specific marketing activities Integration of feedback from Marketing campaigns and / or external data sources Sales conversion rate analysis Data Quality analysis on received data KPI calculation Personalized reporting Etc…

DataHub - Integrability

Thanks to these basic features, DataHub allows easy integration with third party systems. In fact, it is possible to integrate a BI module, such as Qlik, as a source for web applications, or interact with other third-party applications.

DataHub - Security

DataHub is a system built with all the specifications necessary to guarantee data security, both in terms of their integrity and in terms of access control. For this reason, the architecture of the DB is based on infrastructures that guarantee maximum reliability. To obtain the maximum possible security in terms of data protection, DataHub interacts only with encrypted flows and data. The quality and safety that DataHub is able to guarantee represent the added value of this CRM system.

IT Infrastructure Services

Our services and our areas of intervention use the approach compliant with the ISO27001 standard. Each part of the infrastructure created or managed by us, both on premise and in the cloud, is implemented to be ISO27001 compliant.

Firewall and smartworking

We secure your infrastructure, accesses protected both from inside and remotely.


We securely connect branch offices and people working from different locations.


We monitor your infrastructure, preventing problems and lack of resources


Have you tried to restore your backup? Backup and Restore Service and Warranty


We design, implement and optimize complex networks and connectivity


We manage and optimize your storage


We design and manage e-mail systems in the cloud and on premise:
O365, Google Workspace, Exchange, HCL, IBM

Cloud solutions

We create and manage your cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

On premise solutions

Do you prefer to keep your data at home? We purchase, configure and optimize your servers.



Your email is the tool with which your brand is most frequently used for fraud, such as Spear phishing or Whaling.
With the launch of BIMI users can start seeing the brand logo in their preview panes which is expected to influence their decision to open an email.

  • View your logo on Gmail and in all users' emails.
  • Market your brand before you even open the email
  • New safety standards met
  • Brand protection from pishing and fraudulent emails

Mail security: Libraesva e BSE

We use certified products to add security to your mail system, wherever it is.

  • Libraesva
  • Branded Secure Email
  • DKIM
  • BIMI

Safe smartworking

We provide advice to obtain or approach the ISO 27001 standards, also in compliance with the directives relating to COVID. Securing of hosts and web applications with the appropriate certificates, ensuring bidirectional encryption of communications between client and server. Internet connectivity redundancy implementation and configuration.
Work remotely safely with access to all useful resources

IT solutions


Market leader product for email security, it is the solution we have chosen and which we propose, always in compliance with the ISO27001 standard, with cloud clusters in geographical redundancy.
Safely protects against spam, viruses, Trojans, phishing attacks, unwanted content and attachments that are harmful or contrary to company policies (video, music or other)
Why LibraEsva?
Thanks to a practically zero level of false positives, tested with Virus Bulletin, to the web and mobile integration of domain and single-user white listing functionality, email becomes a certainty.
Why with us?
Our LibraEsva instance is in the cloud, it is clustered, it is geographically redundant in Europe, for maximum security. Years of experience and management of customers of all sizes, guarantees competence and reliability.

Branded Secure Email

BSE uses standard security techniques such as BIMI, which allows your company logo to be displayed in supported inboxes, putting your brand first.

The implementation of BIMI reassures ISPs about who is the sender of a message. Being able to prove its legitimacy as an email sender, a company does not have to fear the spam filters of the providers.

The messages sent arrive at their destination, users are more protected and protected from online scams.



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